After your divorce has been settled, your life circumstances are bound to change. Remarriage, job loss, relocation, children growing up, and other life changes may require legal intervention if an original divorce decree is affected by the change.

If you are seeking a post-divorce modification of child support, spousal support, or child custody, contact Law Office of George N. Panas, P.C.. Our firm provides representation to clients throughout Essex County, Middlesex County, and beyond. Contact a Dracut modification lawyer to set up a free consultation.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Contact our law firm for more information about modifying the following divorce decrees:

  • Child custody — Job relocation, a change in a parent’s ability to provide care, or a change in the child’s needs may warrant a child custody modification.
  • Child support — A change in a parent’s ability to pay child support, or a change in the child’s financial needs may require a child support modification.
  • Spousal support — Remarriage, a change in financial need, or a change in the paying spouse’s ability to pay spousal support may require a modification.

A Dracut modification lawyer from our firm can help determine if a modification is necessary and if it will likely be approved based on a change in circumstances.

Enforcement and Contempt Proceedings

When one party in divorce fails to comply with a divorce order, he or she could potentially be held in contempt of court and held criminally responsible. Not paying child or spousal support, for example, could spark court intervention and the consequences may include fines, wage garnishment, jail time, and other penalties.

A finding of contempt could affect existing child custody, child support, or spousal support determinations. Talk to an attorney for advice regarding your options in enforcements and contempt proceedings.

Contact a Massachusetts Contempt Order Attorney

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